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Ski Information for Baqueira Beret

Since the resort is positioned at the highest part of Val d’Aran, it has wide runs, which go and pass through trees, dense snows, and extensive skiable areas and zones. It has a direct access to 127 km of downhill skiing (120 km Alpine and 7 km Cross-Country pistes), with 78 individual pistes, served with 35 ski lifts (19 chairlifts, 8 lifts, 1 Gondola, 7 conveyor belts), which can carry over 60,144 people/hour. For track maintenance, there are 654 snowmaking guns and 15 grooming machines, which restore terrains and different trails into their original order or capacity. For young enthusiasts or adventurers, there are 3 itineraries, which stretch to over 5 km, it also has 7 km of the Nordic track, Slalom Stadium, Ski Kronos and free ride zone. It opens up its doors to the general public from November to April each year, accommodating thousands of visitors and sports fanatics from around the world. For meeting seasonal needs, it has 5 ski rental and repair centers, 2 first aid points on the slopes, 1 private medical center, 7 parking lots which can accommodate 5040 cars , 25 highly maintained cafes and restaurants on the mountain, 4 nurseries and more than 500 ski instructors for turning your visit into a memorable experience. Baqueira-Beret: Different levels of Pistes and Ultimate Skiing Experience Baqueira-Beret is home to some of the finest skiing runs in Spain as it offers diversity in slopes, terrains or trails. The strongly elevated drops add immense pleasure to the entire skiing experience of the intermediate and expert level skiers, who feel ecstatic to explore new skiing hotspots and try difficult routes to reach the bottom. With 150 km of marked pistes including 7 km of marked off-pistes and 7 km of Cross-County ski area, it offers an irresistible experience to all sort of skiers looking for unique expectations and stuff. This makes it clear that Bacqueira-Beret is a perfect hotspot in Europe, which offers a perfect inspiration to beginner level athletes and a perfect resort for intermediate and advanced skiers and boarders. For Beginners and Families Beginners can expect to have a lot of fun under the pro guidance of experienced and well-trained ski instructors. The smooth and plain courses are delicately designed to make skiing easier for amateur visitors or holidayers. For them, the pistes are very wide and of moderate inclination to have a smooth and wonderful skiing or boarding experience. Out of 108 pistes, exactly, 49 pistes (6 beginners ‘green’ and 43 easy ‘blue’) are allotted for amateur or inexperienced skiers or snowboarders, for learning the art of the game before taking on difficult terrains or pathways. Plus, there are endless activities to keep them occupied during the day, like snowshoeing excursion, dog/horses pulled sled, treks, hell ski etc… No other place other than Baqueira-Beret offers such an extensive range of food and accommodation choices, inspired by local and foreign culture. Intermediate Level Pistes for Amateur Players Looking at the elevation, Baqueira-Beret offers 39 reds for partially experienced skiers and boarders. Since the snow remains dense throughout the winter season, the terrains or ski runs are relatively vertical, which means that skiers and boarders have to maintain speed and balance while going through different pathways across the trees and marked areas. It provides an amazing experience to advanced level skiers visiting Baqueira from around the world. Expert Level Pistes for Professional Players Looking at steep or vertical paths, Baqueira-Beret has 17 black expert level pistes, which are specially designed to offer unique and pro-level experience to professional skiers and boarders. Baqueira’s ski track often holds state-level and international competitions, which are live-streamed across Europe. Besides marked pistes, there are also unmarked pistes or areas, which only daredevils tend to try. Baqueira-Beret—a Visit Worthy Resort Despite its immense popularity within Spain and accommodating thousands of visitors and sports enthusiasts, this place is still relatively unknown to professional British skiers and boarders—perhaps due to its vintage look and overall feel. However, the resort’s ever-improving infrastructure and amazing snow records are changing this and enticing professional athletes and visitors from across the entire region. In simplest terms, skiing in Baqueira-Beret is simply amazing and offers a different experience than resorts situated in The Alps or any other place in Europe. In short, is one of the best places to ski while having a wonderful and memorable time with your friends, family, or colleagues. Moreover, the valley of broken goat skulls has impressive views from the top, which feels quite intimating, but pro-skiers have found it to be a spot worth visiting.

Afterski & Nightlife in Baqueira Beret

Apart from providing a wonderful skiing experience to its visitors at all levels (beginner, intermediate, expert), it is home to some of the finest restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, and discos, which amplifies the experience and leisure, and guarantees an incredible nightlife.

Exploring the Diversity and Vibrancy

The surge in the popularity of Bacqueira-Beret is derived from the fact that it is stunningly beautiful, greatly attractive and boasts a significant amount of visitor influx--every winter. Predominantly, Spanish culture shines through the streets of Val d’Aran, but you will also see a glimmer of Catalan and Aranese cultures. Discos, dancing bars, and pubs bear testimony to the fact that Bacqueira has an amazing and lively nightlife scene, especially at weekends when native skiers make a trip from Madrid and Barcelona and stay there. Here is a brief list of pubs, bars, clubs you should visit in Baqueira-Beret.

El-Devino Bar—Baqueira-Beret

It is a very lively place that offers non-stop music and party. It is one of those places, which is highly preferred by visitors, as it has a reputation for providing an irresistible combination of entertainment, food, and activities. It is ideal for a younger lot who want to keep the adrenaline pumping through their veins with live music, exotic drinks, and home-brewed beers.

Saxo Blue Lounge-- Baqueira-Beret

If you expect to have a peaceful evening with your loved ones, then this is the best place to be. It offers excellent cocktails and an unlimited supply of mixed drinks, which would definitely provide a relaxing end to your busy day. It is certainly the best bar in Vielha!

La Luna Bar-- Baqueira-Beret

This is a classic bar that offers two levels of unique experience to its privileged visitors. It has two floors with different environments; one with a lively party type atmosphere and the other with the more relaxed environment. La Luna is usually on the top of the list to visit for elderly people looking for a serene experience.

Thalay Lounge bar—Baqueira-Beret

Formerly known as Terrace-lounge bar, Thalay is another great place where you spend ideal time with your friends and family. They have a spacious lounge bar that can accommodate large groups and organize parties and private dinners (on request). If you are looking for everything under one roof then you won’t find a better option than Thalay lounge in Baqueira-Beret.

Tiffany's Night Club-- Bacqueira-Beret

Formerly known as Pacha, this is the most well-known and popular meeting-joint for people looking to have nightlife after a hectic day at pistes. Its easy accessibility has made it the most visited place in Bacqueira. It provides non-stop fun and music that would drag the exhaustion away from you.

Tuc Nere lounge-- Baqueira-Beret

After an awe-inspiring day on the pistes of Baqueira, Skiers normally meet up here in Tuc Nere for a drink and chitchat. Once they feel charged up again, they unleash themselves on the dance floor and only drop when the beat dies. You can imagine yourself, having a memorable experience here and feel privileged to be a part of an amazing place.

Baqueira-Beret may be an ideal alternative to jam-packed or over commercialized ski resorts of the Alps, but it is definitely not a dull place to be in, any time of the day or night.

Activities in Baqueira Beret

The towns of Val d’Aran and Val d’Aneu, Lleida, Spain, known for their famous Pyrenees mountain ranges and excellent ski runs, bear a great significance in the skiing world. These towns offer an endless list of activities and outdoor adventures, which will keep you occupied during the day, amplifying your overall experience. This place has a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant history, which makes this place even more awe-inspiring. From outdoor adventures to sightseeing, from Campsite to museums and churches, it has it all.

Romanesque Art In Val D’Aran

As Spain has an enriched cultural heritage and history, it has ancient churches all over the surrounding villages in the valley. Most churches have bell-towers, which makes it easier for visitors and tourists to spot the architectural value inspired by Gothic and Renaissance features. A number of conservation, preservation, and recovery programs have been initiated by local bodies to restore this art to its original capacity for people traveling to this valley from across the globe.

Mountains of Val D’Aran

The breathtaking mountains of Val d’Aran are famous for their scenic views. The most well-known mountain in the entire valley is ‘Montarto’, which is considered as the perfect viewpoint for witnessing awe-inspiring sights. As you go further deep into the mountains, you will see and capture, some of the views that will certainly be hard to forget.

Aiguestortes National Park and San Maurico Lake

This park is considered a paradise on Earth, as it is loved by people from all over the world. This place is certainly worth visiting, as it offers the most gorgeous landscapes and the most amazing sceneries in the entire region. It is home to lakes, peatlands, streams, rough peaks, wetlands, a forest of black pine tree, birch tree and many other types of trees — that are all a treat to watch.

Val D’aran’s Highlights

This valley has so much to offer to its privileged visitors. It is recommended to hire a travel guide for understanding this place better. It has beautiful trekking excursions, which will take you through Bausen and Carlac forest, Baronia de Les, Victoria mines, Saut deth Pish and more.

Fabrica Dera Lan

This place is largely known to be home to small textile industries found in the late 19th century, which used to run on hydraulic energy. This pace is one of those few that have been restored to its 100% capacity. The guides may better explain you the whole process of weaving and stuff—you would love it all when you visit this place,


There are quite a few places in Val d’ Aran and Val d’Aneu, suitable for adventurous people and extreme sports enthusiasts who love climbing and canyoning. There are endless opportunities and you can expect to have a wonderful experience if you wish to execute unusual plans or adventures. Most popular places where you can enjoy climbing are Pui de Unya and Comun, both offer several tracks at different difficulty levels.

Ice-Skating Rink in Viela

It is an outstanding indoor ice-skating facility that offers a unique experience to people who love to try different activities to kill time and make memories. It also has heated swimming pools and a fully-loaded fitness facility, which makes your visit worth remembering.

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