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Ski Information for Deer Valley

If you’ve had just about enough of shoveling snow, salting the driveway and scraping ice, it’s time to consider your winter call-to-action and visit the Deer Valley Ski Resort, to escape, or rather, embrace the season like you never had before. With an abundance of powder-covered runs, great drinks and awesome entertainment options for the entire family, you’ll soon realize that you don’t really need an excuse to flee to this posh mountain hamlet. If you’re escaping snow for well, more snow, then it might as well be the Deer Valley Ski Resort which looks so perfect it might as well be featured in an oil painting (and it has!). Here’s all you need to know to make your trip to the ski resort a memorable one.

Its History

Nestled in the Wasatch Mountains, Utah, in the historic mining town of Park City is the Deer Valley Ski Resort. The resort has been consistently ranked as #1 in North American by readers of SKI magazine for its service and facilities as a ski resort. The resort offers the ultimate family-friendly experience by delivering unmatched services for people of all ages. Skiing began at Deer Valley in the 1930s, with the Park City Winter Carnivals. This destination gained more popularity when the Works Progress Administration built the first ski trails along with other facilities in 1936. The first ski lifts appeared in 1946, in the area that was called Snow Park Ski Area at the time. In 1981, Edgar Stern founded the Deer Valley Resort in the same area, which today includes six mountains, Little Baldy Peak (7,950ft), Bald Eagle Mountain (8,400ft), Bald Mountain (9,400ft), Flagstaff Mountain (9,100ft), Empire (9,570ft), and Lady Morgan (9,000ft), with 670 acres of snow making and 930 acres of glade skiing totaling a massive 2,026 acres.

A Resort of Firsts

The Deer Valley Ski Resort is one of the first to offer ski valets to their guests to carry ski gear from their cars to the slopes, and the first to refer to their customers as ‘guests,’ similar to hotels. The Deer Valley Ski Resort also has a state licensed child-care facility on site and much more. In the 2002 Winter Olympics, the resort was venue site for the freestyle moguls, alpine and aerial slalom events. It also hosts various other competitions for the International Ski Federation on a regular basis. The base altitude is 6,570 feet (2,000m), while the altitude in the mid-mountain area is 8,100 feet (2,468m) and the Empire summit is 9,570 feet (2,916m).

Getting There

Accessing Deer Valley Resort is easy. All visitors have to do when they arrive at the Salt Lake City International Airport is rent a car or hop in a shuttle to get to Deer Valley, which is 36 miles away via the interstate highways.

The Ultimate Family Vacation

The two famous destinations at the Deer Valley Ski Resort are undoubtedly, Lady Morgan, accessed via Lady Morgan Express and Flagstaff Mountain, which is serviced by four high-speed quads and a triple chair are two ideal spots for families, since they offer beginner, intermediate and advanced trails that meet back at the chairlifts.

Winter at Deer Valley

The Deer Valley Ski Resort’s winter season is between December and April. The resort also offers an award-winning ski school where beginners can go to learn how to ski before hitting the slopes, and three ski rental shops where visitors can rent the equipment they need during their stay at the Deer Valley Ski Resort. The resort has much to offer in children’s adventure, including education programs on the local wildlife and environment so that children can have a learning experience along with enjoying the various activities that have been set up for children. Although there are a number of large ski resorts in the area, the Deer Valley Ski Resort caters to an up-scale crowd and has much more to offer such as free parking shuttles, free ski valets and fine dining, lodging, and shopping options at the main lodge.

Afterski & Nightlife in Deer Valley

Deer Valley Bars

To enjoy post-skiing drinks with friends, visitors will find the Troll Hallen Lounge at the Stein Eriksen Lodge to be quite entertaining. The lodge boasts of around 10,000 bottles of wine in their cellar, so it’s a good place to start if you want to enjoy fine wine.

The Brass Tag

The Brass Tag restaurant is located in the Lodges at Deer Valley, featuring Deer Valley-inspired brick oven cuisine and a full bar with lots of beer and wine options available.

APRÈS Options

The Royal Street Café located at Silver Lake Lodge serves delicious drinks and appetizers until 5:30 pm. For those who like to spend a nice quiet evening, that’s the place to be. The Snow Park Lodge in the base area serves until 6 pm. Other options include, Buvez bar in The Chateaux on the lobby level. But, be prepared to eat something to get a drink.


During winter, night life at Deer Valley is quiet, with most folks preferring to hole up in their luxury condos at night time. Visitors do get to enjoy a quiet drink at the hotel bar though. However, those who want to party during the nights can hop on one of the free public buses to participate in the hip Park City party scene. Main Street at Park City is where you’ll find many bars and restaurants, with other nightlife options located outside parts of Park City.

Park City Nightlife & Bars

Visitors to Park City will find the nightlife there much more vibrant as compared to other areas, but prepare to be disappointed since this is Utah after all, and not Whistler. Cocktails tend to cost a fortune here and a cosmopolitan cocktail might taste like a fruit punch. So, don’t get your hopes up.

Mountain Resort Base

The choice of bars for après-ski near the main base of the Park City ski resort is very limited, but that makes it all the more festive. Visitors can stop by the Legends Bar and Grill at the base of the resort in Legacy Lodge for some after-skiing fun with friends and family. The Corner Store Pub and Grill also offers a great local feeling and offers one of the best tasting après ski drink you’ll taste during your stay at the Deer Valley Ski Resort.

Activities in Deer Valley

Ski Racing and Nastar

Nastar is the largest recreational ski program organized in the world. It was organized by SKI magazine in the 60s, and is now managed by the US ski team. Those who want to join in on the excitement can take part in NASTAR ski racing at Deer Valley Ski Resort at its official race course located on Bald Mountain not far from Silver Lake Lodge.

Complimentary Mountain Host Tours

You can take an exciting ski tour of Deer Valley Resort with a friendly Mountain host every day. Up to four complimentary Mountain Host tours are organized each day and allow guests to learn more about the history of the resort and the terrain. Complimentary tours depart from Silver Lake lodges and Snow Park. Advance reservations are required and only skiers of advanced or intermediate skiing abilities are allowed to take part in the complimentary tours.

Rossignol High Performance Test Center

Put your skiing skills to the test at the Rossignol High Performance Test Center located at the side of Empire Canyon Lodge.

Enjoy Delicious S’mores

Take a guided snowshoe family tour with a friendly and professional guide and enjoy delicious s’mores with the family. The groomed trails will be fun for all ages. Enjoy the awe-inspiring views, campfire and the ultimate in winter adventure the Deer Valley Ski Resort has to offer.

Summit Meadows Adventures

You can challenge yourself on the very runs skied by Olympians during the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games, or experience the exhilaration of snowmobiling with a guided tour. With 7,000 acres to explore, there’s plenty of adventure for the whole family.

Skiing with Champions

This year, the Deer Valley Ski Resort has a treat for hardcore skiing enthusiasts. Visitors to Deer Valley Resort get to ski with the resort’s Ambassador of Skiing, Heidi Voelker, or any of the six other Olympic snow sport athletes this winter. Participants must be at least 13 years of age. Reservations need to be made in advance.

Other Adventures at the Deer Valley Ski Resort include:

  • Dog sledding
  • Sleigh rides
  • Nordic skiing
  • Hot air ballooning and much more

Adult Ski School

Private Ski Instructor for Adults

It is important to note that visitors are required to make reservations in advance for all services throughout the ski season, weekends and public holidays. Due to the high demand of the ski resort, reservations will be subject to availability.

Max 4 Instruction

Visitors get to learn or improve their skiing skills at their own pace, either in a group or by getting a personal trainer.

Specialty Clinics

There are also specialty clinics offered at the Deer Valley Ski Resort which concentrate on helping visitors refine particular skills during skiing. If you’re lucky, you can learn new techniques from former Olympians before carving up the slopes.

Mahre Training Center Ski Camps

The Mahre training center ski camps offer lessons instructed by US Olympic medal winners Phil and Steve Mahre. The three and five-day sessions are ideal to learn the fundamentals of skiing. Participants need to make advance reservations.

Steeps & Stashes (Co-ed Program)

Learn a variety of skiing techniques and push yourself to the limits at Steeps & Stashes.

Exclusively for Men

Opened on Thursdays and weekends, these skiing workshops are conducted by Deer Valley’s top male ski instructors.

Exclusively for Women

Women who wish to learn skiing with other women can take part in the exclusively for women skiing workshops held every Wednesday and on weekends, and supervised by Deer Valley’s top female ski instructors.

Note: To book lessons all guests are advised to contact the Skiers Services Reservations for more details on the various ski schools and programs at Deer Valley Ski Resort. 

Activities for Children

The Deer Valley Ski Resort is known for having something to offer for everyone, including small children. Here, you will find that there’s an abundance of children’s activities they can take part in. From specialized kid-friendly skiing programs, child care programs and summer adventure camps, parents get to have peace of mind knowing their children are also having the time of their lives.

Fawn Special (age 3 and willing to ski)

Small children who are eager to learn how to ski can take advantage of the one-on-one instruction mode offered with the Fawn Special. Here, children can learn the fundamentals of skiing, and enjoy a magic carpet ride that’s extremely fun and entertaining. There are also various indoor activities that children can take part in as well.

Bambi Club (Age 4, completely potty-trained)

At the Bambi Club, children are paired in groups of two and given a ski instructor. Here, kids get to learn to ski and run the Candy Land obstacle course, make new friends and have loads of fun.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are also given to children of all ages with an instructor that gives one on one skiing lessons that are suited to their age.

Reindeer Club (Ages 5 – 6)

At the Reindeer Club, children can spend the day leaning on ways to improve their skiing skills, take part in exciting races and scavenger hunts that have been organized by the instructors.

Adventure Club (Ages 7 – 12)

At the Adventure Club, children get to explore the terrain in small groups, along with a tour guide. Themed activities and frequent visits by the club mascots make it a fun experience.

Teen Escape (Ages 13 – 18)

Even older children get to have fun at the Deer Valley Ski Resort. This is offered during the holidays and peak season, and has been designed for those children who like to have a bit more freedom when exploring the mountain. The teens are grouped, according to their ability and accompanied by a ski instructor throughout the hike.

Winter Ski and Child Care Programs

The Deer Valley Ski Resort has set its own standard for instruction to children, ensuring that children receive the best of care while their parents are away enjoying the slopes. From participating in art projects at the Children’s Center or taking one of the Adventure Trails with designated mascots, the resort caters to children in the best possible way so that they can make lasting memories of their trip to the Deer Valley Ski Resort.

Non-Skiing Entertainment (For Adults)

At Deer Valley, outdoor non-ski events are few and far between, but they do happen. The Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater is home to many outdoor concerts and events. Here, you’ll get to catch the Utah Symphony's Deer Valley® Music Festival, Bright Nights Outdoor Concert Series and the Grand Valley Bank Community Concert Series amongst others. Visitors should always phone Deer Valley helpdesk to ask for information on the events and to book their tickets in advance.

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