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Ski Information for Telluride

Bill Senior Mahoney (mountain manager) and Telluride natives, together put up a plan to grow and develop the Telluride resort and its surrounding region with an aim to attract tourists visiting the North American belt for having winter and summer fun and adventure. Two entrepreneurs, Jim Wells and Ron Allred, bought this resort six years later with the idea of making Telluride ski resort a world-class ski destination. Then in 2004 Chuck Horning and his partners (current owners) purchased the resort, and the new ownership embarked a plan to continue rapid expansion, upgrade lifts, establish new runs and ski terrains and buy new facilities in and around Telluride and mountain village. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the spectacular and awe-inspiring Telluride resort that we are seeing today has been through thick and thin since its inception. Undoubtedly, it has established itself as one of Colorado’s best kept secret skiing hotspot, which makes it the most beautiful place you will ever ski.

Telluride Ski resort located on the verge of famous risky mountains in a mountain village, Colorado (North America) right next to the town of Telluride around 330 miles from Denver, Colorado. The Telluride ski resort has been ranked #1 in Nast Traveler’s--Reader’s choice survey for three Consecutive years from 2013 to 2015 and have been famous for its serene beauty. The resort has over 2000 acres (810+ hectares) or (8.1 km²) of the skiable area under private ownership of Chuck Horning and Co. For skiing, snowboarding, and other snow adventures, the area extends from 8,725 feet (2,659 meters) to 13,150 feet (4010 meters), which means it’s a vertical drop of 4425 feet (1349 meters). It has a total a total of 127 runs for all abilities, in which 59% (75runs) are of beginner and intermediate levels.

Skiing In Telluride

The Resort’s in-bound terrains that stretch up to over 2000 acres of skiing area has 127 runs for all abilities and levels; ranging from beginner, intermediate and advanced. It also has the longest run called ‘Galloping Goose’ that stretches up to 7.4km (4.6miles) of ascending slopes. No matter, whether you just started to take an interest in skiing or snow-bordering or consider yourself an experienced or seasoned skier, you will find plenty of slopes from beginner to expert level to make the most out of your visit at this beautiful skiing hotspot. In the scale of percentage out of 127 skiing runs, 23% are sophisticatedly crafted and designed for beginners, 36% for intermediates and 41% for advanced and pro level athletes. Moreover, the intermediate and advanced level runs, pass through dense snows, deep-snow areas, and zones, snow-cloaked meadows and woodlands, which will surely amplify your overall skiing experience. Many people who know about Telluride ski resort know that this place isn’t just a ski resort, it is, in fact, a complete fun-filled holiday hotspot with unlimited escapades and activities.

Lift-System like No Other Place!

Telluride ski resort is largely known to provide splendid skiing runs all across the resort. It also has some of the finest and sophisticated lift systems installed for taking tourists to the top again for yet another run. The resort has a total of 18 lifts; 2 gondolas, 7 high-speed quads, 1 quad, 2 triple chairlifts, 2 double chairlifts, 2 surface lifts, 2 magic carpets) and has the capacity to take approximately 22,386 skiers per hour—to the top.

Efficient Track Maintenance for Ideal Skiing Runs

The Telluride resort and its competitive staff have high-tech equipment and machinery for maintaining tracks and Runs. Snowmaking guns and grooming machines and superior track-maintenance techniques are put to task to restore runs into their original capacity after each couple of days. The resort also has ski- instructors who train beginners or amateurs to learn the art of game before taking on hard skiing routes.

What Telluride ski resort is best known for!

Unarguably, this resort is the finest example of ideal skiing, serene environment, exquisite scenic views and much more where you can enjoy your holiday at your own pace with a comfortable and laid-back atmosphere. So, people anticipating to have a perfect holiday amid lush forests, arid plains, lakes, alpine forests and epic natural beauty in and around Telluride Mountains can expect to have a lot of fun. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this place offers the most epic experience in entire North America. This resort is certainly a worthy visit place!

Telluride Ski Resort-- Runs For All Levels And Abilities!

No matter whether you are a pro skier or just stepped into learning the art of the game, the resort has run for all levels and abilities. A vertical drop of 4425 feet (1349 meters) adds an immense to your skiing runs. However, before taking on difficult runs, you have to make sure that you have developed enough skills to ride properly. Beginner: Beginner level pistes usually marked with green are relatively smoother and offer normal pace and inclination. 21% beginner level runs bears testimony to the fact that this resort has a lot to offer to beginners. Intermediate: 36% Intermediate levels pistes denoted with blue lines offer moderate inclination; steep slopes and runs. So you need to create and maintain the right balance in order to enjoy the most of your long runs. Advanced: Advanced or pro level pistes are perfect for seasoned skiers who have years of experience with them. There are 41% advanced/pro level pistes usually marked with black color is quite steep and offer sudden falls from time to time, which means you need to create a perfect balance for preventing falling on the track.

Telluride Ski Resort—Why Is It Distinctively Ameliorated!

Like I mentioned earlier, Telluride ski-resort is North America’s best kept secret skiing hotspot, it attracts tourists, celebrities, artists, outdoor enthusiasts, sightseers, bag packers, and vacationers from every corner of the world. While other skiing resorts in European and North American Alps stay occupied throughout the winter season, in fact year-round, this resort offers a unique serenity—free of frequent hustle bustle. While Kardashians and other celebrities are happily followed by news magazines, paparazzi, and other news agencies around Vail and other famous North American skiing hotspots, Telluride is home of many A+-list superstars who prefer going Telluride to not to get seen or get caught with their wannabe girlfriends! This indicates that you probably won’t get followed by news magazines, news reporters, and other news agencies like you could participate in common skiing resorts in North America or Alps in Europe.

Telluride Ski Resort Guide

Before planning your trip to Telluride ski resort, you must know about certain things, which are


Summit—13,150 feet (4010 m) Base—8725 feet (2659m) Vertical-- 4425 feet (1349 meters)


Beginner: 23% Intermediate: 36% Advanced/pro: 41% Longest run: ‘Galloping Goose’—4.6 miles (7.4km)


Total: 18 lifts
  • 2 gondolas
  • 7 high-speed quads
  • 1 quad
  • 2 triple chairlifts
  • 2 double chairlifts
  • 2 surface lifts
  • 2 magic carpets
Lift Capacity: approximately 22,386 skiers per hour Terrain Parks: 3 Snowfall: 330 inches/year Night Skiing: none

Slopes Aspects

  • North: 50%

Afterski & Nightlife in Telluride

With the gratis San Sophia Gondola that connects downtown Telluride to the new Mountain Village and runs until midnight, you can effortlessly move around different bars according to your penchant. Just like the food, the Telluride nightlife is a fascinating mixture of historical and contemporary. For the most part, the Telluride nightlife is vibrant in town, while the enhanced après-ski activities are at the Mountain Village, which receives amazing sunshine during the summers. At night the Colorado Main Street and West Colorado Avenue are filled with night-dwellers who want to have some fun after a fun day of skiing. The bars and theaters are the main attraction of Telluride along with amazing food. It has been ranked among the Top 20 cities for foodies and among Top 5 ski destinations in America. Saloon hopping, live music along with your favorite wine or beer is a perfect way to spend the evening with your friends and loved ones. Typically, a restaurant in Telluride would have a bar alongside, but if you really want to hit the dance floor as well, these bars are definitely going to lift up your mood.

Liberty Bar & Lounge

Liberty Bar and Lounged has surfaced in Telluride just recently in 2017 and offers an experience unlike any other in the area. You can appreciate a refreshing cocktail while sitting on a comfy couch and listening to DJ play live music. The beats are likely to touch your soul, and your passion for dancing is destined to be rejuvenated. That’s not it, the designer lights and exposed bricks give the place a vivacious ambiance that will leave you with an experience of a lifetime. You can dance late into the night along with lip-smacking cocktails. Note: Arrive early if you want to be seated on the couches near the fireplace. Location: 121 S. Fir Street Phone: 970-728-2942

New Sheridan Bar

The New Sheridan Bar is attached to a New Sheridan Hotel where you can have a Jack Daniels for or a round of pool for $5. The fascinating aspect of this bar is that it has remained exactly as it opened in 1895 with very little modifications.  The divider panels, lead glass, mahogany wall paneling and ornate light fixtures offer the place an alluring appeal, which is difficult to resist for the first time visitors. The bar also has a small menu, offering delicious Parmesan Truffle Fries and Deli Style Rueben and the menu is only open from 5:30 – 10 pm. If you are in a mood to have a game of foosball, pool or just to hear live music, the New Sheridan Bar is a place for you to be. Location: 231W. Colorado Avenue Phone: 970-728-9100

Smuggler's Brewpub

Smugglers Brew Pub is one of the finest places to eat freshly sourced Colorado beef, lamb, pork and chicken in Telluride. Along with great food, the brewery offers an intricate mixture of classical lagers and seasonal beers, which are only available in the vicinity. The head brewer TJ Daly has received multiple awards for brewing great seasonal beers like Vanilla Porter, which is warm, has honeyed notes and full of chocolaty aftertaste; not for faint-hearted people. This is definitely a must visit place if you are in Telluride. Location: 225 N. Pine Street Phone: 970-728-5620

There Bar

For cocktail lovers, There Bar is a place where all the inventiveness happens. Along with creativity in their offerings; the place is aesthetically decorated. Perfect for your Après ski escapades, the bar has a wide-ranging menu including tapas, small bites, meals, desserts and a stimulating grapefruit martini that is a must-have. You would not want to leave, once you arrive at the destination. Location: 627 W. Pacific Avenue Phone: 970-728-1213  

Activities in Telluride

This secret holiday hotspot has always been an ideal place for anyone anticipating to have a lot of fun on the slopes, as well as in and around Telluride Mountains. This resort is a perfect recreational hotspot and impeccable getaway from the monotonous chores of life. Besides offering an unforgettable skiing experience, this awe-inspiring, and uncrowded sanctuary offers unlimited outdoor activities, fun-filled events, and upscale amenities. In short, you can expect to have a lot of fun and adventure on the peaks, resort area and scenic pathways leading to nearby villages. From the serene environment and scenic natural beauty of the mountains to sports adventures and hiking, it has something for everybody to keep one occupied! The Telluride skiing resort has been gaining popularity over the years, which means more and more people from all across the globe are now planning their holidays to the resort ultimately increasing the visitor influx. There are tons of options and activities to choose from after having a busy day on the slopes since it has so many happening-places in and around the resort both in summers and winters. Since dense snow in winter restricts you to have a lot of fun-filled activities like fishing, boating, hiking, motorsports, etc. and all you can do is either ski or snowboard or enjoy in indoors facilities, clubs, spas. However, in summers, you can make the most out of your trip and enjoy the Telluride Mountains at its best. To make the most out of your first trip to Telluride ski resort, we have compiled a list of non-skiing activities that you can enjoy with full swing.

Winter Activities

Winter Fly Fishing

There are many river and streams in the whereabouts of telluride region that is absolutely ideal for fishing all year-round. However, the ideal season last from February to April, where there are excellent fishing opportunities in San Miguel River. No matter, whether you are returning from slopes or calling a day off from skiing, these beautiful areas offers a lot to travelers.

Ice Climbing

The famous the San Juan Mountains are well known for ice climbing and offer several winter climbing opportunities. These mountains call daredevils from every corner of the world in the winter season. However, you may still hire a local guide who would guide you through dangerous pathways. With new regulations imposed, the daredevils must sign an agreement of rules, which must be followed no matter what.

Horseback and Sleigh Rides

Horseback riding is surely a memorable activity. This will surely ignite your emotions and help you to remember your visit for long. Moreover, pleasing horse riding through alpine meadows and aspen forest will amply your overall experience.

Summer Activities

Ride In Telluride Gondola

For panoramic views of looming peaks, sights of the charming main street area and witnessing marvels of Telluride Mountains, you must take a free ride in Telluride Gondola. It is a blessedly short ride between two mountain villages, and the recent development of lift infrastructure of Gondola has made the ride even more fun which lasts 16 minutes, and you are there!

Hiking the Trails

Hiking is the most beloved activity of the summer season. There are plenty of terrain and scenic views in the whereabouts of telluride region that can be explored through hiking. All that you need to do is get yourself prepared before commencing your hiking excursion.


It is also one of the most common activities of the summer season. Most adventurers find San Juan Mountains ideal for camping and backpacking, and they plan their expeditions accordingly. However, you must always avoid camping on private properties as it had caused a real mess in the past.


You can explore many up and downhill areas and villages as you run trials in Mountain Village and Telluride. You need to keep your eyes open and witness the charms around while taking each step further down the trail.

Swimming Pools and Facilities

As soon as summer heats up, the pools both private and public get occupied in entire Telluride and Mountain Village. However, these pools are not free of cost; you have to pay for it to have fun at your own pace. Plus, there is also seasonal membership through which you can save a tiny portion of your budget.
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