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Ski Information for Åre

Winter season means slants of snow blanketed white! It has ideal weather and conditions for skiers and tourists alike, from late November till the middle of May. Åre is one of the largest mountain resorts of Scandinavia, providing 1080 acres, offering 4 ski areas i.e. Duved, Tegefjail, Central Are, Rodkullen, and Are Bjornen and connected via an efficient timely bus service. With 42 service lifts facilitating visitors and skiers on 114 runs, it caters to every ability and needs. Based on their experience level, skiers can opt from the 4 ski areas; Duved and Åre Bjornen for beginners but intermediate areas are available on all ski areas. This sleepless village is a playground open for one and all. For ski lovers to sports enthusiasts, the snow rises, and drops, offering an exciting challenge for all snow-buffs. The whole resort is run by Skistar, a famous Swedish leisure, and tourism company. With operations in Sälen, Vemdalen, Åre, Trysil, Hemsedal and St Johann- six brilliant skiing destinations, Skistar is experienced in delivering quality, excitement, and thrills for anyone. The winter season sees a great influx of tourists, skiers and non-skiers alike. Families enjoy snowmobiling and the great outdoors with adrenaline-packed adventures. Biking enthusiasts hit mountain trails with their bikes, hoping for a challenge. The frozen lake has a good amount of traffic and visitors always love the majestic allure of the setting. The Spa at the Holiday Club is located at the Åre Station, so being refreshed for a joyous shopping spree is going to help. The sightseeing in Åre is something not to miss out on so manage your time here well. Plan your endeavors and enjoy the food and drink. In winter it’s a frozen paradise, in summers it’s a serene, beautiful, soul catching destination that is memorable for years to come. Summertime offers fishing, hiking, rafting, climbing, paragliding, and caving. To sum it up, it’s got something for everyone! Essential Tips for the Perfect Trip Very different from the Alps, Skiing here is like going to Colorado rather than Europe. It feels like the Rockies are now in Are with its round-topped mountains and the locals are warm and inviting. Breakfasts in bakery cum cafes are found all over Are, so an early coffee and cakes can help you be ready for the day. However, in Sweden, winters allow little daytime but the whole resort is lit with floodlights, fortunately. Are is where urban nightlife becomes urbane and refined. The sizzling nightlife and the superb restaurants are massively well adorned and deliciously superb. The liberal and open culture of the Swedes are no secrets so expect to be dazzled and hypnotized by their way of life. Skiing Areas Duved and TegefJall These areas are meant for ice aficionados of intermediate to beginner levels, which offer runs for both. These areas are also much calmer and relaxed as compared to the other ski areas and expansive as well. Duved is serviced with a passing shop that is highly convenient if you want to go around quick. Tegefjall provides T-bar lifts and the piste is meant, at Duved, for both, but provides gladed runs. It also offers a restaurant and a pass shop. Central Åre Central Åre is the resort’s main center and possesses the most popular slopes for all levels of skiers. Sharper black runs are situated here along with halfpipe and offer a freestyle park. Well lit, VM8 area is a night skiing attraction at the peak of the season. For the munchies, different cafes and bars are spread across the resort. Rodkullen Rodkullen is on the opposite side of Åreskutan to Bjornen, with access via VM8 area lifts from the top Are By, or the bus service from Kabinbanan at the base Åre By. This is a great area to snowboard or ski and is suitable for kids and adults alike who want to learn. With access to a professional snow park, Rodkullen has a full-size halfpipe. Åre Bjornen Åre Bjornen is connected with Central Åre by series of slopes and lifts. With free regular and timely bus service between the two centers, it is an absolute delight for beginners with its extended areas. It’s ideal for families and those who would appreciate privacy and calm. It’s great for practice and improving your style. Alpine Skiing. That being said, this influx provides variety and a lot to do. You can see people doing their own thing and groups of friends skiing together on a single slope all day. The first impression would lead you down curious paths but Åre is celebrated for its skiing experience. Mount Åreskutan is perfect for slaloms and schussing. Due to its perfect carpet of snow, beginners can easily snow-plow. The piste of the ski area is properly assigned by experts who have years of training. With so many business outlets offering their services, trying any of them would be a fantastic experience. Corduroy mornings, off-piste, randonnee, heli-skiing, ski tours, group lessons, snowboarding, and also alpine equipment on a rental basis. So nothing can stop you from having a great day in the snow! Family Skiing. Families can enjoy adventures in the snow with everyone involved and have fun. There are various ski trails perfect for families and large groups who want to enjoy the beauty and direct contact with the natural aura of Åre. At Åre Ski Resort, the trails offer challenges, wooden structures and characters to snap pics with! Bjornen is a family area and the main center at the bottom of the slopes is ideal for smaller children, while older kids can ride on the Tbar to the top. A great exploration trip can be arranged with the winter wonderland, viewed from the ride to the top on the Tbar.

Afterski & Nightlife in Åre

Are is one of the most popular destinations and receives a high influx of visitors every season. The local nightlife is vibrant and diverse. The evenings bring about a glamorous change in the well-lit, brilliant environment. Lively bars and nightclubs offer a wide variety of beverages and some great 3 Michelin starred restaurants. Après ski, Are-style, is an experience never to forget. Live music, buzzing with people and great atmosphere! Soon after the runs are over, get out and hit the bars or clubs. Here are some recommendations!

On the slopes close to the Fjallgarden hotel, its live music bar is a great meeting point at the end of the day. It hosts a massive after-ski, where enthusiasts can relax and do what they do best after their runs.  Over the weekend, Timmerstugan is the place to be. It is just a blast of a party all the time! It’s like an extended new year’s eve, only it’s celebrated even after! With no midnight in sight, the party here goes into the wee hours. But wait! There’s a catch! It’s only on Sundays! Only Swedes know how to party non-stop for a single day!

Nighttime brings about a glorious array of lights and dazzling stars that enchant and move the tourists. Walking into Broken, Wersens and the Olbaren is great if you’re in town and enjoying a drink. Hop into the Dippan nightclub if you’re aching to lay it on the dancefloor. With live DJs spinning the set and no going wrong, you got the moves! It also features amazing artists who represent various genres of dance and song, playing even international songs by Kate Perry and Queen among many others. Bygget is another nocturne dancefloor that’s about 12 minutes away from the town square.

Bygget is massively endowed with a large dwelling and boasts, a whopping, three dancefloors, a restaurant, six bars and a bistro. The rock bar offers live music with great evening openings. International music is most popular, as most of the partyers are tourists and visitors. Bygget is the place to be for all-night parties and amazing scenes. From the very moment darkness sets, the lights are on and the world gets together in a single hall to rock on to the peak of dawn. The energy, the lights, the colors and the people around the party, dance like they mean it.

Whatever you choose, all night under a clear sky always brings out the best in people, and with such serene and enchanting setting, friends, and family, who can resist relaxing and just having a good time after skiing. With plenty of options and discoveries to be made, Are is the right place and the most popular choice for tourists in Europe. Winter Season is the best for any tour on a budget and also, for experiencing modern Swedish traditions. Warm and friendly, local restaurants also offer Japanese, Italian, Greek and American menus, which make it an ideal place for anyone with a preference!

Activities in Åre

Are is the best place to find every kind of recreational activity, in one single spot. This is, largely, due to the attractive placid beauty of Are and the influx of visitors it receives each year. Here are some reasons that make Are one of Sweden’s favorite tourist destination. Apart from skiing aficionados, Are has more restaurants and shopping spots than tourists can fathom. A gorgeously lit night sky, this is a serene and beautiful resort for romantic couples or the perfect destination for family holidays. With so much going on, Are has something, for everyone!

Food and Drink, Right Where You Need It!

Are is truly one of the finest dwellings to experience great food in a good way. In one single avenue, enjoy a variety of specialties. Its own brewed beer, distilled spirits, and exceptional variety of sausages, ham, ice cream, candy and Swedish crisp bread, chocolate delights like marshmallows and meat, it is diverse and deliciously vibrant.

Skiing- Nordic Skiing

This form of skiing is an amalgamation of several different forms of the ice sport.. Unlike alpine skiing, the tip is secured to the binding, helping the heel to rise and allowing more movement. Cross-country and Telemark skiing are two disciplines enjoyed by recreational enthusiasts, and you can see clusters of friends on an escapade. It’s one sport that uses the entire body and builds strength along with flexibility, both highly recommended by physiotherapists. Are offers beautiful groomed tracks just for these and also, natural trails that are a delicacy for the soul.

Spas and Health- Rejuvenate Yourself!

Upon arriving, jet lag can kill any ability to thoroughly enjoy anything, so we recommend hitting the bed for some much-needed rest and then checking into a spa for rejuvenating your energy. Are is bound to enchant you with its fantastic views, food for the soul while also keeping Spas in mind. Away from the city stress, smog and daily exertions of life, Are has the most spas per capita in Sweden and checking them out is worth the trip to this mind replenishing and soul strengthening mountain resort.

Hiking - Picturesque, Celestial Are!

Are is bestowed with glorious beauty and the tranquility of this location is second to none. A hike along the mountaintop, down to the cable car, an exciting excursion around Totthummeln, or a romantic walk along the Channel Trail Kannalleden, this country is vast and the beauty it provides just keeps bringing visitors back for so many reasons, including local hospitality!

Biking- Up for a Dare?

Mountains fit for biking, ancient forest paths, and heavy mountain birches make it perfect for bikers who love a dare. From the top of Areskutan, all the way down to Are Bike Park, this is Europe’s favorite location for downhill biking. There are lots of small businesses that provide rental services on equipment, so avail those or bring in your own bike. There is more to this resort than just skiing!

Shopping- Experience Are!

Are provides one of the best shopping experiences in Sweden. So bring some extra cash along when traveling to this gorgeous mountain resort. The products offered are not only all Swedish but from around the world. It’s a strong temptation to buy souvenirs or gifts for loved ones, so the shops which offer lots of variety will entice you. This shopping village is stuffed with versatile products so the need to buy will obviously hit you straight up!

Sights and Attractions- Explore and Discover!

The village of Are is historic and beautiful in the extreme. Getting to explore this area, with its historic building and the events that took place to help raise Are from a mere agricultural heathen to an internationally renowned ski resort is eye-opening and exciting. With its artisan food, crafts and art, along with nature, will mesmerize and leave you in awe. So explore and discover this mountainous heaven!

Trails - For Runners!

The urge for runners to never miss a chance to run is highly appreciated by Are. That’s why we have our own trail running facilities that help body and mind to sync and work together in harmony. Our tracks are beautiful naturally, offer challenges like puddles and rocks to fly over. Runner’s high is further complimented by uphill or downhill, or just plain forward headings! Surreal, beautiful and amazingly enchanting, the beauty of Are will enhance the running experience and may turn it into a reason for you to return every year!

Fishing - For Fun or Your Next Meal!

Are caters to fishing enthusiasts and pros alike. If you want to catch tonight’s dinner, or if you want to spend quality time with family on a beautiful adventure at the lake, Trout, Char, Pike, Grayling, Perch, whitefish or burbot are all available at the beautiful deep lake of the mountain, Lake an tarns. Getting together with friends and family makes it an existing experience in a gorgeous setting! With a wide range of articles to choose from, including fishing licenses and boat rentals, Are is also a fine water sports destination.

Water Sports - Recreation Galore!

The stunning rivers offer wonderful recreational activities that cannot be seen totally in one day.. Variety to choose from, White Water Kayaking, Riverboarding, Rafting, and Swimming are recommended. Our lake offers high attractions for family and friends! Paddling and kayaking are the most common form of recreational activities that are undertaken by beauty-struck visitors who just want to enjoy Mother Nature at her best.

Winter Activities

For kids who love chocolates, visiting the chocolate factory would be a fun way to spend a day. For other more serious enthusiasts, there is always cross country skiing where groups undertake the challenge for fitness or fun. The frozen lake offers a wonderful chance to drive on it in which friends or family take turns driving on ice, slippery surface. The snowmobile tours offer family’s and groups picturesque trails and blankets of undisturbed snow to enjoy themselves in. If dog sledding is your thing then you would be happy to know that Are Ski Resort caters to this recreational activity along with paragliding, Snowkiting, and ice climbing.

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